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Jo and Chris

What do you do when some of your best friends announce their marriage? Secretly hope they ask you to do the flowers!


Jo and Chris did and we were over the moon! This ubercool couple has got such a great style and they couldn't have picked a better venue. The ceremony and reception were held at The Bell in Ticehurst, a quirky hotel and pub in Ticehurst, East Sussex.

Jo's bouquet consisted out of lots of different textures in deep reds, pink, purples and oranges. We added some gorgeous silk ribbon for that floated beautifully in the autumn breeze. Jo's maids carried beautiful russett coloured Devonshire Hydrangeas. 

Chris, who is a graphic designer, liked the look of thistles for the men's boutonnieres. As he has some Scottish blood running through his veins, we added some heather to it and we finished these bad boys off with masculine wool twine.


On the tables we placed succulents in glass pots and filled the gin bottles of this gin loving couple with rosehips, russett hydrangeas and dahlias.


It was such a treat to, not only create all these gorgeous wedding flowers, but to attend the wedding as well.

So many good memories come driftingback when we look at these pictures and I'm sure you can see why!

Martin x


Photo credit: Emma Lucy Photography

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Izzy and Will

The very lovely Izzy married her Will in the village of Ramsbury in June and their day was filled with gorgeous flowers pretty much everywhere!

Bouquets and arrangements were filled with stocks, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, sweet peas and canterbury bells amongst lots of gorgeous herbs and foliages.

The groom, who is a farmer by trade, had two specific requests. The first one was that we used his own home grown wheat throughout. The second one was that we used (orange...!!) bailer twine to finish the boutonnieres. I never thought I would say this, but it actually looked rather fantastic!


Before every consultation we send out a little questionnaire to get to know the bride and groom a bit better. One of the questions is: 'What adjectives describe you best?'. The answer Izzy and Will gave us was 'relaxed, happy, countryside, vegetable growers'. Having got to know them better through the creative process in the run up to their big day, I have to say I couldn't have chosen a better description myself. Just look at the photos and see for yourself!


Izzy and Will, thank you so much for choosing us to do your flowers!

Martin x


Photos: Florence Fox Photography

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 21

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 35

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 38

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 58

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 147

Izzy Will Wedding Photographs 184

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Bouquet workshops

Bouquet workshop 13 and 20 october 2016 website

Due to high demand we have started our workshops up again!

The first ones are running are our bouquet workshops on the evening of the 13th and 20th October.

The workshops will be held in our shop in the Hungerford High Street.

We'll teach you how to create a gorgeous bouquet, how to wrap it and you'll leave the evening with a whole new set of skills. And even better you will get to take the flowers home with you! It's a fun, relaxed evening with drinks, nibbles and lots of fun. Costs are £45 p/person (including materials). Spaces are limited so make sure you book your spot! You can either pop into the shop or get in touch here.

We will also be running two Christmas Wreath workshops at Cobbs Farm Shop on the evening of the 1st and 2nd December. More details about those workshop will be coming soon!

Lisa and Gary

We are nearing the end of April (Already? Wait a minute! Wasn't it Christmas like only 2 weeks ago?!?) and although we've had a few warm spells, it's not quite leave-your-coat-at-home-weather yet. Let's hope May will be sunny and warm!

We love social media, as most of you are well aware, and quite often see images of weddings come past on Instagram, Facebook or wedding blogs that make our jars drop on the floor. When we received these images from Lisa and Gary's wedding the same thing happened! WOW! Did we do this??


The lovely couple got married last August at the gorgeous Wasing Park near Aldermaston. 

We got to use lots of our homegrown flowers, gorgeous silk ribbons, decorate a beautiful venue and use the most dreamy colour palette.

Stocks, Dahlias, garden roses, Cosmos, Russian vine, Sweet Pea tendrils, herbs - so much scrumminess!

Have a look at the pictures and make sure you have a pillow on the floor to catch your jaw.


Lisa and Gary, you we're an absolute delight to work with. Thank you for letting us create one of our most favourite weddings thus far!

Martin xx


Photo credit: Studio Rouge Photography